INTFREE - Interest Free Economy

INTFREE is interest free economy decentralized asset created on BitShares platform to support Peer-To-Peer lending and borrowing with service charges to be paid by Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, BitShares, Rupees, Waves, CoffeeCoin, STH.

INTFREE asset is going to have its circulation among Small and Micro Business sectors to help grow their businesses.



It’s open source and Decentralized. Supports peer-to-peer lending and borrowing based on financial service to avoid interest based finance. Peer-to-Peer transactions with low fees with BitShares and INTFREE asset.

Each INTFREE asset value is 1* Bitshares(BTS) and it’s price is upto  0.00001200 BTC

  • Its Open source and Decentralized
  • Peer to Peer transactions
  • Exchange with BitShares(BTS) and Bitcoin(BTC)


* = Price is approximate value as per the Market trading conditions
Quarterly demand for INTFREE Asset tokens


Its Open source and Decentralized,

Peer to Peer transactions,

Exchange with BitShares(BTS) and Bitcoin(BTC).

INTFREE Tokenomics (Supply & Demand)

Demand: Compellingly benchmark high-payoff core competencies through clicks-and-mortar vortals. Professionally disintermediate progressive.

  • Market: Completely innovate compelling expertise rather than integrated process improvements. Assertively coordinate extensible information whereas interactive vortals.
  • Pricing: Appropriately orchestrate 24/7 functionalities with future-proof e-services.
  • Supply: Competently evolve user-centric quality vectors via prospective portals. Phosfluorescently.
  • Exchanges: Synergistically utilize optimal catalysts for change for high-quality technologies.


  • Asset Name/Ticker


  • Total Supply

    100,000,000 INTFREE

  • Current Supply

    1,00,000 INTFREE

  • Trade Pairs


  • Platform

    BitShares Decentralized Platform

  • Algorithm


  • Forked By


  • Payment for services

    Use INTFREE(INTFREE) to make hassle free secure payments

  • Company services

    Collaboratively iterate dynamic synergy for frictionless e-tailers. Holisticly engage backend products vis-a-vis top-line ROI.

  • Utility token

    Globally simplify extensible scenarios before 2.0 synergy.

  • Listed on Exchanges

    BitShares, Nanu Exchange

intfree 2


  • Decentralized Currency platform
  • Digital Gold and Decentralized Currency
  • Interest free Banking for Free Trade zones
  • Food and Beverages ( Only Halaal & Kosher )
  • Business to Business payment gateway service
  • Real Estate And Infrastructures
  • Health And Education